Highly Durable and Cost Effective Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Bomanite Sandscape® Texture is a highly durable and cost effective architectural concrete finishing option that utilizes specialized concrete mix designs containing select sands and aggregates. It is the product of choice for projects requiring a decorative and durable finish alternative to traditional concrete paving. Natural, regionally selected and qualified sands such as granite, quartz or limestone are the common aggregates of choice for Sandscape Texture installations.



Non-Skid Concrete – Driveway Construction El Paso

Light fast colorants and additional decorative mineral aggregates are incorporated into the concrete mix or to the surface of the freshly placed slab with the finished product resembling fine “quarried stone”. The natural non-skid properties and abrasion resistant aggregates make this texture the perfect choice for all residential and commercial exterior concrete applications for custom driveways including entries, municipal or public works projects, hospitals, educational facilities, museums, pool decks, plazas and more.