A Seamless, Durable and Decorative Finish

Epoxy floor coating provides a seamless, durable and decorative finish that’s perfect for cafeterias, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and many other locations. Not only does epoxy flooring offer a distinctive and pleasing appearance, it also provides outstanding performance characteristics. It’s no surprise why this floor coating is the go-to option for industrial and commercial flooring.



What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a coating which is applied over concrete floors. This application will create a surface that’s both smooth and durable. Since this coating is long-lasting and incredibly resilient, it’s often seen in warehouses that regularly face heavy loads. The smooth and durable nature of this coating makes it an excellent floor coating option for shopping malls, schools, and other locations that see heavy foot traffic throughout the day.  Are you a metallic lover? We are dedicated to your projects and ensure your metallic epoxy flooring will be met. With proper-maintenance, our metallic epoxy flooring can last upto 35 years.

What is Urethane?

Urethane cements can be used in floor coating systems. Urethane cement coating systems can tolerate high moisture, which makes them suitable to be installed directly onto concrete. Urethane cement coatings are well known for their chemical and temperature resistance. They also provide wear resistant, durable, and seamless floor finishes that are easy to clean.

Easy To Maintain & Clean

On top of being resilient and pleasant looking, epoxy flooring requires little to no maintenance and can be cleaned very easily. This is another reason why this floor coating is a great option for locations that see their fair share of oil stains. This surface will look good as new with nothing more than a simple cleaning.